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Breast Cancer Awareness Month Offer Exteded
My mom is survivor in more ways than one. I made these buttons in honor of her. Are you a survivor, or know someone who is? Proudly rock this flair in honor of your triumph over the breast cancer battle.

As a special offer, when you order a dozen Breast Cancer Survivor buttons, proceeds will be made to Breast Cancer Research. Order your buttons by clicking here:

Order a Dozen Buttons (12)

Order One Button (1)


Hello button collectors! Thanks for the support during October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I hope you and your loved ones are proudly rocking your Survivor Buttons! Still haven't gotten yours??? No worries! I am leaving the one dozen offer up until the end of the year! FREE Frosty coupons on the other hand are all gone.

As you may know by now, Kupi and the Flair have relocated to Savannah, GA. It was a tough decision, but due to the economy, moving south was a positive ...change! The collection is still available, just allow a couple of extra days for delivery. However it will be a very long time until I'm appearing at any art/craft fairs in New Jersey.

I missed the wrath of Hurricane Sandy by less than a week. Counting my blessings! My right hand man and I drove down the coast October 24, from New Jersey. When the hurricane hit Monday, all I could think of was how lucky I was, but was torn because all my friends and clients were suffering up north. Just know my heart and prayers are with you. You're a tough bunch and as devastating as it may seem now, I know you will recover. Stay strong. Keep helping each other. Keep pushing on. Keep surviving!


Swamped is an understatement! I've been busting at the seams with projects and art/craft fairs! Thanks for putting your faith in my abilities.

•  :: Poster :: Immortal Technique European Tour 2012

•  :: Poster :: Gold Pop

•  :: Poster :: Movements of the Soul

•  :: Poster :: The Heart Gallery (September 2012)

•  :: Poster :: Story Haven™ : Creativity Workshops For Kids (Fall 2012)

•  :: CD Cover :: Rugged N Raw : Anomaly Book I

•  :: T-Shirt :: Da Circle : I Got 99% Problems... Being Broke Ain't 1%

Receive a FREE Coupon for a Wendy’s Jr. Frosty with any KupiFlair Order!
Click the image to get yours today! (While supplies last!)

KupiArt Gear and Flair will be available at these events:

Click Flyer to Enlarge:

Arts in the Park

Sunday September 30, 2012
11:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Highland Park Arts Festival. Now in its EIGHTH year, this outdoor, juried art show showcases fine arts and crafts from a wide regional area.

On Raritan Avenue in downtown Highland Park, New Jersey. Raritan Avenue will be closed to traffic for this event.

Highland Park Arts Festival. Now in its EIGHTH year, this outdoor, juried art show showcases fine arts and crafts from a wide regional area, and highlights a defining quality of Highland Park as a creative, multi-cultural, dynamic community. This cultural festival draws crowds of Art enthusiasts, local residents and visitors from Highland Park and the Central Jersey region.

Event Page

Click Flyer to Enlarge:

Rugged N Raw
Album In-Store Performance

Celebrating the release of his new album Anomoly: Book One.

Saturday: September 8, 2012
6pm - 8pm | All Ages | No Cover

Performances by:
Rugged N Raw
Shay the Jewnius
and more

Black Star Music & Video
352 Lenox Avenue (128th st)
Harlem, NY

Click for Facebook Event Page

Click Flyer to Enlarge:

Union SID Presents
2nd Annual Mayor's Day

Saturday: September 15, 2012
12pm - 5:30pm

Festival on the Green:
Arts, Music and Craft Fair

1976 Morris Avenue
Union, NJ

80 Arts and Craft vendors, local food vendors and our favorite local bands on the main stage.

Click for Facebook Event Page

Anomaly: Book One – PRE-ORDER – ONLY $9!

Includes the singles “Last Man On Earth” featuring Trevor McCollum and Shay & “Jellyfish.” Production by DJ Static , I.mpaq, Kon Boogie and more! Additional appearances by Hasan Salaam, DJ GI Joe, M. Josephine and Bad Sportt. All Pre-Orders will come with a complimentary 4-pack of RNR Buttons. Get yours today!

**Designed by yours truly!


What a whirlwind of a month! It's going to be even more nuts next month! Very soon I will post photos of the campaign I designed for the Union Twp Mayor's Day for this September. Make sure you come by for that or else you may miss out on your last chance to get some KupiFLAIR this year.

•  :: Campaign :: Union Twp 2nd Annual Mayor's Day

•  :: Logo :: Union Twp YMCA 5K Run/Walk

•  :: E-Flyer :: Immortal Technique West Coast Tour 2012

•  :: Poster :: Mr. Len In-Store at Black Flag Shoppe

•  :: CD Cover :: Kwamè : Break Beat Diaries

•  :: CD Cover :: Rugged N Raw : "Jellyfish"

•  :: Poster :: Rugged N Raw : Anomaly Book I : In-store Performance


Here are a few new buttons I designed! Click here to get yours!

Breast Cancer Survivor Buttons! These can be made into any other cancer or organization support button.

Life Quote: "I will not censor myself to comfort your ignorance."

This is just a little stab at a woman who made my mother, sister, and myself a living hell. She actually introduces herself as "Bunny." She's a terrible person.


Mr. Len & Friends - Kupi x Len's Toybox

On August 3, Mr. Len (Company Flow) held an in-store performance at the Black Flag Shoppe in my old stomping grounds, Paterson, NJ. There he unvieled the t-shirt line we worked on for his new brand Len's Toybox. We also had performances by Bully Mouth, Mela Machinko, Mental Case, El Da Sensi, Jean Grae, Breeze Brewin' (The Juggaknots), and Pharaohe Monch. We had a blast! The turnout was incredible and it was great to talk with people I haven't seen in a long time. It's events like these that keep me doing what I do. The shirts are available at the BFS Paterson store. Hopefully they'll be available online soon.

Click on the photo to enlarge:



I'm so sorry I kept you waiting! I've been working on my craft projects a lot, and most of the graphic design projects were just recycled works or works in progress. So here is the work I'm most proud of.

•  :: Poster :: Mayra & Temple Birthday Bash with DJ Juice E

•  :: Poster :: The Heart Gallery (July 2012)

•  :: Poster :: E.M. Theories Website Launch Party (NYC)

•  :: Flyer :: Rugged N Raw : Anomaly Book I : Coming Soon

•  :: CD Cover :: Rugged N Raw : "Last Man on Earth"


Yes, I make Brial Sneakers too! If you want your own custom pair, contact me today!


New Crafts! It's been too hot to do anything! And when business is slow, I have to stay busy. So here are some local trash made into treasured pieces made by yours truly.


KupiArt Gear and Flair will be available at these events:

Click Flyer to Enlarge:

Fourth Street Arts Presents
Shangri-La on the Pier

Saturday: June 16, 2012
3pm - 10pm

J. Owen Grundy Park
Exchange Place
Jersey City, NJ

Live Music • Food • Not Yo Mama's Craft Fair Vendors •  Live Art • and much more!

The inaugural year of this event promises amazing vistas and ev...en more amazing music. Along with one of the best views of the Statue of Liberty and the lower Manhattan skyline, food and drink will be served up throughout the event. Advance tickets can be purchased at http://www.4thtix.com/

Click for Facebook Event Page


The best way to heal is to keep working. At least that's what I've been told. My father's funeral (and all the drama from his other family) threw a monkey wrench in my schedule, so I've been working overtime to catch up. And, it's all good! I also completely sold out of the men's "No Requests" shirts. I still have female shirts and the red "Bombs" shirts available. This is going to be a pretty hot summer, so rock your sunscreen and rock your flair! I have some new designs coming soon to celebrate the summer festivals! In the meantime, here's how I've kept busy:

•  :: CD Cover :: Champain Era + DJ Shakeyface : Champface

•  :: Flyer :: Story Haven™ : Creativity Workshops For Kids (Summer 2012)

•  :: Poster :: Community: A Monthy B-Boy Function

•  :: Poster :: Wrath of the Written

•  :: Poster :: The Heart Gallery (June 2012)


As some of you may remember, about a year and a half ago, we thought we were going to lose my father. I even flew down to Florida to say my good-byes. But he managed to hang on a little longer. Now you know where I get my stubbornness from! However, he had an severe hip injury about a month ago and his body just couldn't take it anymore. The Parkinson's took over and made him too weak to fight the disease. On May 15, at 5:15am, he passed away.

My dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease when he was 48, back in 1996. It slowly progressed, attacking his nervous system. In 2001, he was forced to retire and in 2005 he had to move from New Jersey to Florida, because the cold weather had a bad effect on his muscles. Over the past year, he couldn't talk, walk, eat, swallow, understand conversations, or anything. Then dementia began to set in and he couldn't even recognize people, including me.

He always said this was God's way of punishing him for how he treated my sister and I growing up. He was a typical dad. Just didn't "get it." He didn't know how to interact with children and didn't know how to raise us. So when I was four years old, he skipped out and instead shacked up with an older woman who happened to have older children. We became more of an obligation and a court ordered agreement, rather than his responsibility. However, I always believed the right thing to do, was to try to build a relationship with him. Afterall, he WAS my father. It was never easy. I went through a tumultuous summer in 1999, where he stepped up and took care of me. But soon after he went back to his old ways. It seemed only when guilt ravaged him or an opportunity presented itself to salute my sister/s achievements, or mine, were the only times he made us feel loved and accepted. Other than that, he was locked in his common-law marriage.

In the final days of his funeral arrangements, I discovered he lied about me to cover up one of his biggest secrets. This has destroyed me and left me asking all kinds of questions. I'm incredibly hurt that after all these years thinking we mended fences, and after keeping my mouth shut about his indiscretions, he still used me as a scapegoat. But there's nothing I can do to clear my name. It's my word against his and he escaped. If his woman only knew what WE knew about his unfaithful habits behind HER back too, she wouldn't be so hostile towards me. Instead I am left powerless. I hope God or whoever is up there, is helping to free his soul, as only the truth can do.

My dad was a perfectionist. Not even a mustache hair out of place. Shirts that were meant to be worn out, he still tucked in. He was a womanizer, a handsome slick talker, and pretty much made anyone who came in contact with him, adore him. But... he had a deep love for music. He was also a great artist. So I will take those good qualities and memories with me. We didn't always get along. He was absent a lot and I wasn't exactly daddy's little princess. But I hoped we grew to understand and respect each other. I see now, this could never be. Although I am thrilled he's no longer suffering, I am sad he had to leave in such harsh manner.

Thank you to everyone for your outpouring of well wishes and support. Your messages, comments, texts, influx of phone calls... everything.. means the world to me. Speechless.


Not Yo Mama's Craft Fair : Creation Station

We've got some talented and intelligent kids here in New Jersey. Forget "tan mom," Jersey Shore, Jerseylicious, or whatever the idiot box wants to portray New Jersey to be. These kids couldn't wait to get creative and dazzle their mom with their very own work of art. Most didn't even need direction. They came up with the ideas all on their own. I coached only a couple who were a bit stuck, but overall it was a reminder of how we need to just let kids' imagination run wild. Even a little butterfly flew around my table to see all the fun! I was happy to be a part of Not Yo Mama's Craft Fair's Creation Station, where we kids (and some adults) made their very own mother's day cards to celebrate mom's special day! My booth was packed with participants throughout the day. I have a feeling we'll be doing this again very soon. Here are a few photos from the day:

Click on the photo to enlarge:


KupiArt Gear and Flair will be available at these events:

Click Flyer to Enlarge:

Not Yo Mama's Holiday Craft Fair

Saturday: May 12, 2012
11pm - 5pm

Van Vorst Park
Jersey City, NJ

Artist And Craft Vendors • Kids Crafts * Live Art • Live Music • Food • and much more!

Join me at the Creation Station as we make Mother's Day Cards for mom's special day!

For more info:

Click for Facebook Event Page


National Postcard Week : May 1-7, 2012

So, why do I care so much about this little known events, National Postcard Week? Well, not only do I love photography, typography, and stationary, but because I feel that it's a dying form of communication. Well, obviously when we have social media, email and phones. Call it getting back to basics, however, there's so much a simple postcard has to offer. It can introduce you to a new photographer, artist, a moment in history or even be a great advertising tool for a tourist location, a national landmark, or your business. I'm also a huge advocate for the United States Post Office. People don't realize just how important it is to keep this institution alive and thriving. I could list a ton of reasons why the USPS is important, but what's most important is touching base with friends and family through a powerful little thing like a postcard. It’s no fun opening your mailbox day after day, month after month, to only receive bills and junk mail. It’s time to do something a bit more personal. Send a postcard! I hope you'll join me in this wonderful tradition!

Check out the National Postcard Week facebook event page!


KupiFlair x Digable Arts Festival 2012

On April 21 & April 22, I was a featured vendor at the Digable Arts Festival in Hoboken, NJ. The event was held at the Monroe Center and featured over fifty of the best painters, photographers, sculptors, mixed media artists, digital artists, crafters, and designers New Jersey has to offer. There were six rooms FILLED to the brim with stunning and thrilling art collections and fun interactive sections for kids and the budding art geek. The weekend also included two stages with live music and dance performances throughout the day. It was an active and delightful experience, despite the weather and conflicting events in the area. I only wish more people knew about it.

Learn more about the Digable Arts Festival here www.digablearts.com.
Don't forget to "like" the facebook page here.

Waking up on a gloomy Monday, finding you've made the photo gallery on NJ.com, can really brighten your day!

My new display. Designed and constructed by yours truly.

Photo provided by Cristina "Grey" Villaflor. (Left to Right: Kupi, Grey, and Hector)

Don't forget to "like" the facebook page here.


KupiFlair: Vintage Series (Limited Edition)

Where the early 1900s meets the early 2000s. Everything from the pins to the backing cards, manufactured by hand.

If you read my last post, about my early 1900s journey, this new series of pins will make sense. I've been spending a lot of time finding the right images for this one. True, they're not my own designs, but photography from unregistered and basically royalty free. However, I think they are so beautiful, that I wanted to give them new life! I was going to use my standard backing card that I used with the other pins, but it didn't do the images justice. So, using a classic font that I paid a pretty penny for, I designed it's very own backing card. Printed at home, cut and hole punched by hand. I also slightly burned the edges of the card to make it even more old and weathered. You can see more photos and comment on the KupiFlair Facebook page by clicking here.

The Vintage Series will debut at this weekend's Digable Arts Festival (www.digablearts.com) in Hoboken. If they do well, I will offer them for sale here on my website. So far the response has been very positive. Some fans of the flair have said:

"I love those pins!!!!!!" -- Joanna Wecht (poster artist)

"Wow!! You've out done yourself! I want 3 of each!" -- DJ Juice E

"Those look great." -- Richard Rodriguez (Photographer: Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

"WOW! You always impress me Kupi. AMAZING! ♥" -- Natalie Crüe

"How awesome are these?!" -- Jayson Ramos (The Craftmen)

Thank you to everyone who left comments and love.
Hope to see you this weekend!


Have you seen the new flair? First, we have famous New York addresses. Can you name them? Next we have inspirational quotes by the unknown. You may recognize two of them. I was never happy with the former design, so I switched it up. I am also obsessed with early 1900 art, photography, and music. Crazy for a little hip hop chick right? But this isn't a new thing. I've always loved the era of the early 1900s. But I find the more the years go by, the more I seem to be revolving around that period in time. I'm not trying to live in the past, but I do like to see how some styles change or where they originated, and how they factor in to today's culture. Trust me, as a woman, I WOULD NOT want to live back then. No rights for women, segregation, naive, lack of medicine, no spandex, no lyrca. BRRRR... chills! hahaha. Also, with the anniversary of the Titanic sinking, and Steampunk on the rise, I've noticed some designers are putting a new spin on old typography. So I've been experimenting with it too in my own designs. A great example are recent posters like the Do It Yourself show, The Heart Gallery, Champagne Life and Sampling Our Sound, and the album cover for Champain Era. So in keeping up with trends, I wanted to bring my own flavor. Hope you like it!

These buttons will debut at this weekend's Digable Arts Festival (www.digablearts.com) in Hoboken.


Hello Spring! Although it's been a pretty mild Winter for a change, it's kind of felt like Spring several times this season. Well, unfortunately I don't have many new projects I'd like to share. Most of the projects were just recycled works or have unfinished works in progress. I'm working on a new website, and planning some spring/summer events, and I've also been dealing with a lot of family issues. Mom is fighting breast cancer and dad is losing his battle with Parkinson's disease. So it's been a trying. I will have new works for you soon.


KupiArt Gear and Flair will be available at these events:

Click Flyer to Enlarge:

Earth Day Art Summit

Saturday: April 21, 2012
12pm - 7pm
Saturday: April 22, 2012
12pm - 7pm

The 2012 Digable Arts Festival will be taking place at the Monroe Center for the arts with MULTIPLE GALLERIES full of cutting edge art, TWO STAGES full of LIVE MUSIC and a variety of interesting Art Installations.

A special focus on Modern dance will make this years Digable even MORE dynamic than previous years.

Pilsner Haus After Party Sunday, just after the end of the event.

For more info:

Click for Facebook Event Page

Click Flyer to Enlarge:

Music Is My Weapon Celebration

Saturday: March 3, 2012
10pm - 2am
Doors: 8pm // Show: 9pm
Admission: $10

Performances by:
Hasan Salaam • Red Clay • Okai Music • Kalae All Day • A Band Called Fuse • Negros Americanos

DJ Oja on the wheels

Hosted by:
Northstar of Division X and La Bruja

Special Guests:
Rugged N Raw • Lady Luck • Lord Jamar • General Steele • CF • Bad Sportt

Livi Designs • KupiArt • All Is One

Click Flyer to Enlarge:

Rainmaker, ShadoKat,
& Urbanites In Flight

Thursday: March 22, 2012
9pm - 2am
Admission: $10

Performances by:
MeccaGodZilla • M. Josephine • Shadokat • Chilo • Rainmaker • Danielle Martin • Urbanites In Flight

Hosted by: John Robinson

Sounds Provided by: DJ Irs

Artwork by: KupiArt


It's been a weird month. New stuff:

•  :: Poster :: It Takes a Village : Hasan Salaam Album Release Show

•  :: Poster :: E.M. Theories Website Launch Party

•   :: Poster :: Album Release : Rainmaker + Shadokat + Urbanites in Flight

•  :: Poster :: Lyrical Graffiti (Spring/Summer 2012)

•  :: Poster :: Champagne Life (February 2012)


Mr. Len x KupiFLAIR

DROPPING BOMBS TODAY! The KupiArt "Bombs" shirt getting some much deserved shine lately. Check out Mr. Len's interview with Dead End Hip Hop at the AC3 Hip Hop Festival this year. I spy bombs! Thanks Len!

(Click here to SKIP to Len's Interview)

Majestik Originality x KupiFLAIR

Shout out to Majestik Originality. He's been a huge supporter of the flair movement! Here's his newly released (and very dope) video for "Muddy Water." Here he's rocking the "Less Pop, More Culture" button. You can download the song at http://majestikoriginality.bandcamp.com/track/muddy-water.

Urbanites In Flight x KupiFLAIR

Here's another little jam from my second family DJ IRS. He's rocking the flair proud. It's hard to see, but he has assured me it's there. I think at 1:50? Either way... enjoy the track! You can get the music here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/urbanites-in-flight/id487175663.


So, here's a sign of the times. The Court Tavern has shut down. And now Southpaw in Brooklyn announced it's closing. Where is low budget independent music supposed to go? It's getting harder and harder to be in this business. I hear there's a shortage of welders. The can make up to $90k a year?! Hmmm... thinking about it! In the meantime, here's how I made a living this month:

•  :: Photo Retouch:: Meetup.com : Urban Garden

•   :: Flyer :: Kid Fest! presented by Art House Productions

•  :: Poster :: Night Dreamers Sound Sessions

•  :: Poster :: Champagne Life (January 2012)

•   :: Flyer :: Winter Sessions (January 2012)



Yeah! She won my t-shirt! The "Bombs" shirt was a part of their many giveaways at the monthly event "Da Sessions." You can find out when the next event is by visiting www.delinquentsoundz.com.

Amy from Story Haven and a very happy customer, from Kid Fest at Art House Productions in Jersey City, NJ.


Click Flyer to Enlarge:

Art House Productions Presents


A Festival of Story and Performance for Youth

Saturday: January 28, 2012
10am - 2pm

Food * Face Painting * Giveaways * Crafts * Music

11am - Story Haven - (Ages 3-5)
Creativity Workshops for Kids

12pm - STAGES! Junior - (Ages 5-10)
Introduction to Musical Theater

1pm - STAGES! - (Ages 10-17)
Theater Academy and Performance Company for Youth

Art House Productions
1 McWilliams Place
Jersey City, NJ 07302

And we've got you covered! Order one button or a TEN PACK for your party! Do you have a Superbowl design of your own that you'd like on a button? Let's make some buttons and show "Big Blue" support!
*Designs cannot include any official Giants logos or NFL branding.

$2 each

$15 for 10


It's 2012! The year of the predicted apocalypse! The end of it all! All of humanity exterminated!!! Well, we shall see about that. This year I hope to work less with music and entertainment and work more hands on with crafts and upcycling. In case you missed this post last October, here are some pieces I repainted. I'm working on a dresser right now, and will post those photos very soon. I'm very happy and grateful for the experiences I've had in the music industry. I don't ever think I'll ever fully move on from it. But I'm getting older and I don't want to stand still in one place anymore. I'm still available for album art, posters, flyers, business cards, buttons, and everything you've come to expect from KupiArt. But the music industry in crumbling and has pushed me out so... on top of the terrible evolution and bad ego obsessed attitudes... it's time to reinvent myself. Just live up to my name K.I.M. (keep it moving).

Hope you guys find what moves you too in the new year.

Click Images to Enlarge: