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Stay safe out there!


Happy Birthday MOM!


Hope you guys had a wonderful holiday. Here are the last projects of 2011. Stay tuned for more 2012 art work. But will 2012 be the end of it all? We can only wait and see!

•  :: Poster :: Sampling Our Sound

•  :: Poster :: Champagne Life

•  :: Poster :: New Year's Eve with DJ Juice E

•  :: Flyer :: WBAI 99.5 FM - Hip Hop Takeover (December 2011)


SALE! All Shirts Now $10 OFF!

Orginal Price: $25. Now $15!!!


Bombs (close up)

No Requests (Mens)

No Requests (Womens)


KupiArt x Kwamè

Yup! Just recently I started working with one of my favorite figures in Hip Hop, Kwamè. He's been keeping quite busy these years and I've always wanted to work with him. So far I've designed the album cover for his compilation series Scientist of Sound, and we even made Kwamè buttons featuring his signature logo. I'm very excited about this new venture. I hope things start looking up!

You can DOWNLOAD the compilation for FREE. CLICK HERE.

Official Buttons

Kwamè's buttons scattered on his MPC

Kwamè rocking the official Kwamè "Supadoom" logo button and my very own "Make It Bang" button. And yup, that's Astro from the X Factor.


KupiArt x Hasan Salaam x Baron of Red Clay

New video from Hasan Salaam, "Musical Chairs" is not only a dope track, but Baron from the group Red Clay is rocking my "Bombs" T-shirt design. Thanks for the support! You can get your shirt HERE. You can also see the album cover I designed for Hasan, Children of God.



Click the photo to see a step-by-step guide to creating your own cards!


Click Flyer to Enlarge:

Van Vorst Park Association and Friends of Van Vorst Park Present

Winter Wonderpark

Saturday: December 17, 2011
11pm - 5pm

Van Vorst Park
Jersey City, NJ

Shop locally for holiday gifts! Farmers Market, food, wreaths, trees and Not Yo Mama's Craft Fair, story telling, kid's crafts, music, and Santa Claus!

Tree Lighting and FREE hot chocolate and cookies.

Click Flyer to Enlarge:

Not Yo Mama's Holiday Craft Fair

Friday: December 2, 2011
6pm - 10pm

Saturday: December 3, 2011
11pm - 6pm

Art House Productions
Hamilton Square
1 McWilliams Place
6th Floor
Jersey City, NJ

Artist And Craft Vendors • Kids Crafts * Live Art • Live Music • Food • and much more!

Click HERE for more info


KupiArt x Company Flow

My Company Flow t-shirt design is up & available on www.undergroundhiphop.com. The peanut gallery says I misspelled a name, however, this is what they asked for. Suck it! hahaha. Now go get a shirt!


Can you believe the Holidays are here??? Where does the time go?! I've been crazy busy helping my mom and doing the art thing. As usual...

•  :: CD Insert :: Kwamé : Scientist of Sound Vol 1

•  :: Poster :: ARTfest!

•  :: Flyer :: ARTfest!

•  :: Flyer :: Kupi's Birthday Party

•  :: Flyer :: Do It Yourself Hip Hop Showcase

•  :: Poster :: The Heart Gallery (December 2011)

•   :: Poster :: Kibafest

•   :: Poster :: DJ Juice E - 2nd Fridays at Soda Bar

•  :: Poster :: DJ Juice E - 4th Saturdays at Soda Bar

•   :: Flyer :: C.A.M.E. Machine and Metal Works, Inc.

•  :: Business Card :: Savvy Events by Sabater


HAPPY NOVEMBER!!! And not to sound narcissistic, but I have the coolest birthday of the millennium! Yes, TODAY is my birthday! How old am I? So anywayz.... come party with me in New York tonight! Check out more info here: http://kupiart.com/birthday.html

My apologies for not posting any new projects lately. Life has thrown me a few curve balls. Mom had to have her thyroid removed. So I flew down to Savannah, GA to be with her in August for the surgery. Sadly, just a few weeks ago, she was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. I had to fly back to Savannah, GA to help her through the ordeal. She handled the surgery wonderfully. Tired, a bit of pain, but you can't keep a Bronx girl down! Unfortunately, they didn't get it all cancer, so she has to go back to the hospital. Then she immediately begins chemotherapy and radiation. So I will most likely go back down in the next few weeks. Which is fine, because the holidays are coming!

Mom is my #1, as I am hers. She wanted me to come back to NJ to celebrate my birthday. I'll have fun, no doubt, but I won't be able to get her off my mind. To be quite honest, if her health doesn't seem to be getting better, I'll most likely be relocating back to Georgia. Don't want to go back there, but you only have one mom.

So this birthday, as awsome as it is, will be bittersweet.
Love you Mom.


Rest in Peace Heavy D.
"Be Inspired!"
You, sir, were one of the reasons I wanted to work with hip hop at a young age. You were an inspiration. Peaceful Journey.


Click Flyer to Enlarge:

The Heart Gallery

Sunday: December 27, 2011
6pm - 10pm // $10 Cover

Bobbi Brown Loft
8 Lackawanna Plaza
Montclair, NJ

Wine Tasting, Live Paintings, Live Band, Singers, Spoken Word, Poetry, Trendy Vendors.

Check out our video from the last HG: http://vimeo.com/18034691

For more info:

Click Flyer to Enlarge:

Join the festivities as we celebrate the
entrepreneur in every artist with Art, Music, Poetry, Food & Vendors!

Saturday: November 19, 2011
1pm-9pm // FREE // All Ages

Art House Productions
Hamilton Square
1 McWilliams Place
6th Floor
Jersey City, NJ

Click HERE to RSVP
Click Flyer to Enlarge:

Resource Fair

Wednesday: November 16, 2011
6:30pm-7:30pm // FREE // Open to the Public, RSVP Required.

Saint Peter’s College
Dineen Hall - McIntyre Room
Corner of Montgomery St. & JFK Blvd.
Jersey City, NJ

Spend the evening networking with the people who can support your business plans - all in one room, all on one night. Lawyers, accountants, government officials, and bankers will be available to answer your questions and give away free materials and information. Don’t stop there! The Jump Start Your Big Idea panel will follow immediately after the Resource Fair. Stop by my booth!

Click HERE to RSVP
Click Flyer to Enlarge:

It's My Birthday!

Friday: November 11, 2011
9pm // FREE // 21+

Music Provided by:
Mr. Len
DJ Mentplus
DJ Juice E
DJ C-Reality

and you just never know who will stop by!

Food, Drinks, and BIRTHDAY CAKE!

Dance! Lounge! Painting! Giveaways! Activities! Plus a chance to win a "No Requests" tote bag filled with the entire collection of flair and other goodies!

More details visit: http://kupiart.com/birthday.html

Click Flyer to Enlarge:

Rugged N Raw and Top $ Raz Present
Do It Yourself

Wednesday: November 2, 2011
10pm // $10 Cover // 18+

Sullivan Hall
214 Sullivan Street
New York, NY

Additional Performances by:
Hasan Salaam • RSNY • Phase One & Asa Buchanon • DJ Jon Blak • Hosted by Jessica Estevez of Iheartdilla

There will also be giveaways and a few art vendors setting up shop.



Click Flyer to Enlarge:

Festival on the Green

Saturday: October 22, 2011
3:30pm - 8:30pm

Friberger Park
1976 Morris Ave
Union, NJ

Artist And Craft Vendors • Kids Crafts * Live Art • Live Music • Creative & Eco-conscious Workshops • Community Mural Painting • Face Painting • and much more!




KupiArt x Anti-Bullying Campaign

Victoria Holt, the talented photographer who took the BIO Magazine photo, has started an Anti-Bullying Campaign in her district with her lady Frances Roman. I was very happy to be a part of this because my sister and I were terribly bullied growing up -- for NO reason. We were not gay or made ourselves targets, we just weren't cool enough I guess. Although we didn't have it as bad as some kids, it's still something that triggers negative memories can still have an impact on your adult life. So I am very happy that people like Frances and Victoria are shedding light on what has become an out of control issue. Kids have it much tougher today, with the internet and phones, capturing and exploiting every single imperfection. I can't imagine growing up like this. It's much worse when you don't have the support of family, as Frances speaks about in her "It Gets Better" video. If you feel how we feel, join the movement. I'm a realist, so I know bullying can't be completely eliminated but at least we can make those who take it too far understand the consequences of their harmful actions. That goes for adult bullies too! Become a part of the Bullying is for Losers community on Facebook. CLICK HERE.


Hidden Talent: Upcycled Treasures by Kupi

Upcycled furniture and other finds by Kupi. I always liked refinishing furniture. Designing on the computer can be so mind-numbing. I played it a little safe with these, because not everyone can appreciate a boombox stenciled onto their furniture. I'll be selling these items at local craft fairs. If they're still available, then they'll be sold ETSY.

Click Images to Enlarge:



Shout out to Jersey City for hosting a great weekend filled with art, music, and dance. Although I wasn't exhibiting this time around, it was great to be among the art scene. Hopefully I'll get to do my thing this December. I've been hitting flea markets and yard sales and upcycling furniture! It's something I used to do several years ago, and recently while visiting my mom, I got back into it again. I caught the upcycle bug! I'll be posting some pics soon. Meanwhile...

•  :: Poster :: Lyrical Graffiti : Eight Year Anniversary with The Artifacts

•  :: Poster :: Lyrical Graffiti (Spring/Summer 2011)

•  :: Poster :: Festival On The Green 2011

•  :: Flyer :: Festival On The Green 2011

•  :: Logo :: Festival On The Green 2011

•  :: Poster :: NYC Walk to Beat the Clock After Party

•  :: Poster :: Silent Knight Busy Is My Best Friend Release Party


Did you miss the show? You can watch it here!

Video streaming by Ustream


I will be a guest on this weeks' Altered Native Radio. If you know me, you know I'm not one to be in front of the cameras, but I couldn't turn this down. Altered Native Radio is the brain child of Kon (Knowledge Over Nonsense), Mantis, and Carla Keyz.

Tune in from 12pm-2pm on Sunday here: alterednativeradio.tumblr.com.
You can also find it on Urban Media TV on Ustream: ustream.tv/user/UMTVNYC.

Here are some pins I made for them as well:


KupiArt x Silent Knight

Here's some new buttons I designed for Silent Knight's album release show.

KupiArt x Aspire Federal Credit Union

Here's some new buttons I designed for Aspire Federal Credit Union:


Goodbye Summer. Hello Fall! Well, unofficially. But we're going out with a bang! You can also stay up to date on my work at kupiart.tumblr.com. Enjoy!

•  :: Poster :: Jean Grae & Mr. Len: Cookies or Comas Tour

•  :: Poster :: E.M. Theories Presents: BLU

•  :: Poster :: E.M. Theories Presents: Movements of the Soul

•  :: Poster :: Silent Knight Busy Is My Best Friend Listening Party

•  :: Flyer :: The Heart Gallery DC (September 2011)

• :: Poster :: The Heart Gallery DC (September 2011)

•  :: Flyer :: "What Up New York" Hip Hop Showcase


KupiArt x Poet Substratum

Sooo... I was featured in a little local music video for my friend Poet Substratum of Delinquent Soundz. And yup, those are my posters in the background More cameos to come! Find out more about Poet. CLICK HERE.

The first single off of the new album No Time To Chill by Poet Substratum produced by Matnez of the Waxaholiks also titled

No Time To Chill is produced by The Waxaholiks from France. On Grey Square Record, Manekineko Pro, in association with Delinquent Soundz Entertainment.


Busy Summer! But that's a good thing! Don't forget, August is the last month for the KupiFLAIR Summer Giveaway Click here to "Like" the Facebook page. Here's what else has kept me busy:

•  :: iTunes Cover :: Hollywood Floss : One Fan At A Time

•  :: Flyer :: The Heart Gallery (August 2011)

•  :: Poster :: ADM Presents "The Shed" (August 2011)

•  :: Business Card :: Roxanne L. Scott

Click Flyer to Enlarge:

Fun, Music & Activities for all ages.

For Updates : domoarigatofund.tumblr.com

College Park Community Garden presents...
"Domo Arigato"
Japan Appreciation

Saturday: August 6, 2011
2pm - 8pm // $5 Donation to support victims of the Japan earthquake
via the Japan Society

*rain date Sunday, Aug 7

1420 College Ave.
btw 170st and 171st
Bronx, NY 10457

Live performances start 4pm with:
Bronx Über Villain
Green Street
TreZure Empire

Hosted by:

Japanese Dancers:
GAIYA of Block 3 Addiction and
Hip Hop Dancers Rei, Rie & Natsuki

Live Art by:
Ignite Designs & John Smalls

Special Guest:

Click Flyer to Enlarge:


From 2-8pm Sirelo Entertainment takes over the circle located at Grove St. Path Plaza during the creative grove artist & designer market. We bring in DJ's, live percussion, dancers and special guests to join us for the day. As always we encourage musical instruments, children, pets, good vibes, fairies, free love, flowers, rainbows and hugs.

Would like to promote and or sell at the Creative Grove Artist & Designer Market with us? Please contact us at: sireloentertainment@gmail.?com

Sirelo Entertainment with CUDA
& Au Capoeira presents
Creative Grove
Under Siege

Friday: July 29, 2011
2pm - 8pm // Open to Public

Grove Street Path Station Plaza
Grove Street
Jersey City, NJ

Music by
DaVeed Martinez & Lady Jay

Live Percussion by
Jimmy Lopez
Break Dancing by
CUDA Culture
Capoeira Demonstration by
Au Capoeira
Special Dance Performance by
Storybuilding Foundation

Please stop by our friend's tables!
Free Body & Muscle Assessment
Saucy Sara's Salsa
Soar Nation

Facebook: Creative Grove Artist & Designer Market

Click Flyer to Enlarge:

The Heart Gallery

Sunday: July 31, 2011
6pm - 10pm // $10 Cover

Bobbi Brown Loft
8 Lackawanna Plaza
Montclair, NJ

Wine Tasting, Live Paintings, Live Band, Singers, Spoken Word, Poetry, Trendy Vendors.

DJ EZRAKH Spinning Hot Vinyl all night.

Check out our video from the last HG: http://vimeo.com/18034691

For more info:


I've been making buttons, posters, flyers, CD cover, you name it! I've been hitting a lot of festivals and events to promote the KupiFLAIR line, which has been well received. I also landed a great project! I'll be designing the campaign for Union Township New Jersey's "Festival on the Green" event. I'm super excited! Samples of that campaign should be posted shortly. In the meantime here's

•  :: Flyer :: The Heart Gallery (July 2011)

•  :: CD Cover (Wallet) :: Anyday Cult

•  :: Poster :: Soulsa Presents: Melting Pot 2011

•  :: Poster :: ADM Presents "The Shed" (July 2011)


KupiArt x Mr. Len x Company Flow Reunion 2011

Yup. I was there! But you probably missed me if you didn't buy a CoFlow T-Shirt. Due to the amount of people packed into the venue, management at Santos moved the merch table downstairs, my replacement didn't come in time, and I pretty much missed the whole show. But if you WERE there, hopefully you picked up some of these buttons I designed for Mr. Len. If not, they'll be available on Mr. Len's tour with Jean Grae these next few months. Don't miss an opportunity, like I did.

Yup. I made a Mr. Len pillow!


Where can you get more flair?!
Click Flyer to Enlarge:

emtheories.com presents:

Friday: July 15, 2011
9pm // $20 // 21+

Public Assembly
70 N 6th St.
Brooklyn, NY

Additional Performances by:
Soul Khan
Mohammad Dangerfield
Silent Knight
St. Joe Louis

Sounds Provided By
Ari Why

For more info:



KupiFLAIR Summer Giveaway!

You heard it right! Every Friday, from July 1, 2011 to September 2, 2011, KupiArt will be giving away 5 FREE BUTTONS of your choice on the Facebook Page ‘Kupi Worldwide.’ If you’re not already a fan, click the “Like” button and stay tuned every Friday for the trivia question of the day. The first two Facebook fans (yes two) to answer correctly, will win!

It’s that easy! Check out the collection today!
Click here to "Like" the Facebook page.

No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. No substitutions or refunds once item has been shipped. Shipping fees apply to residents outside of New Jersey and New York. One winner per household. This giveaway does not apply to any custom orders.


KupiFLAIR Pop Up Shop

The Village Path
Saturday: July 2, 2011
7pm - 10pm // $10 Cover

The Tea Bar
2012 Morris Ave.
Union, NJ

J.Grissette Photography (photographer)
Chilo (poet + mc)
Alexis GoldenLover (singer)

Sounds by DJ Irs


Flair is coming! Flair is coming!
Here are some events I will be a part of this week. Come see the new flair AND pick up the limited edition tee shirts!
Click Flyer to Enlarge:

The 3rd Annual
Not Yo Mama's Craft Fair

Saturday: June 25, 2011
11am - 7pm

The Morgan Lot
107 Morgan St.
Jersey City NJ 07302
(between Washington & Warren St)

Showcasing 90 + of the hottest new craft/artisan vendors from Jersey City Area, Brooklyn, and BEYOND!!!

A portion of the proceeds will support Peace by Piece Studio. Bring a donation of used clothes, fabrics, and/or misc sewing supplies and get in FREE.

For more info:

Click Flyer to Enlarge:

The Heart Gallery

Sunday: June 26, 2011
6pm - 10pm // $10 Cover

Bobbi Brown Loft
8 Lackawanna Plaza
Montclair, NJ

Wine Tasting, Live Paintings, Live Band, Singers, Spoken Word, Poetry, Trendy Vendors.

DJ EZRAKH Spinning Hot Vinyl all night.

Check out our video from the last HG: http://vimeo.com/18034691

For more info:


KupiArt x The Heart Gallery

Stop by The Heart Gallery event and get some free pins, designed by Kupi!


Busy girl! I also started a tumblr page so you can see my new projects sooner. Subscribe to the page at kupiart.tumblr.com. Enjoy!

•  :: iTunes Cover :: Soulstice featuring Arin Maya : "Ready"

•  :: Flyer :: Joe Budden Live in Brooklyn

•  :: Flyer :: WBAI 99.5 FM - Hip Hop Takeover (June 2011)

•  :: Poster :: The Heart Gallery (June 2011)

•  :: Poster :: Music Therapy with DJ Kava

•  :: Poster :: Get Up, To Get Down

•  :: Poster :: Everything JC Festival

•  :: Poster :: ADM Presents "The Shed" (June 2011)


Hello friends, fans, and clients. I feel I should send out a simple reminder about my payment policies. Lately a lot of clients have been using Paypal for their transactions. Keep in mind Paypal deducts about 4% of any transaction. You will be responsible for paying the 4% they deduct from any payment for custom artwork and especially printing fees. So if you spend $50 on a design, you need to add $1.75 to the final price. Total $51.75.

Also, delivery has been free for years. As of June 1st, there will be a delivery charge depending on your location (gas and tolls). Sorry folks.

I know we're all scraping for that dollar, however, I can't afford to lose a cent right now. It's not easy being an artist in this financial climate.

Thanks for understanding.


Get up, come on, get down with the newness! Yeah yeah... I kind of stole that from Disturbed, I know. But if I didn't appreciate all aspects of music, then how could I truly love hip hop? I mean, it samples from every place imaginable, right? Any who... this isn't everything I worked on last month. Some projects I sort of had to sell my soul and create imagery I'm not fully proud of. Oh well, but here are some of the things I AM proud of:

•  :: Poster :: Lyrical Graffiti (Spring/Summer 2011)

•  :: Poster :: Nabil West Birthday Party (2011)

•  :: Poster :: 8th Rank Records Label Launch Party

•  :: Logo :: 7th Boro: Hip Hop City

•  :: Business Card:: Gerard Dure : Celebrity Hair Stylist & Make Up Artist


KupiFLAIR x BlackFlag Shoppe

It's official! The BlackFlag Shoppe in Clifton, NJ, now carry my limited edition tee shirts. Get yours before they're gone! And don't forget the flair. Yup, they have the buttons too. They also carry the best gear, accessories, and novelties by exclusive designers, such as Benny Gold, Good Wood, Brixton, Worxlife, Peace Denim, ALIFE, AllMighty and so much more! Stop by! Or you can view my photos on Facebook by clicking here.
Become a fan of the flair on facebook! CLICK HERE


KupiArt x Toy Street 2011

I was happy to be a part of Toy Street again this year. It was twice the size and twice as fabulous this time around. Cookies-n-Cream has spent the past year making noise and selling products from their mobile van. And it's paid off in a big way! Thanks vendors & patrons! Extra special thank you to Rugged N Raw for being my wingman for the day!

You can see more photos by clicking here.
Or you can view my photos on Facebook by clicking here.

Become a fan of the flair on facebook! CLICK HERE

Me with Rugged N Raw.
Photos by Ryosuke Suzuki

Photos by Ryosuke Suzuki

Photos by Ryosuke Suzuki

Photos by Ryosuke Suzuki

Photos by Ryosuke Suzuki


KupiArt x Hello Jupiter Art

Hello Jupiter Art is the brainchild of New Jersey artist, Gina Marr. She has launched a magazine under the same name. Local art. Independent publishing. Issue #1 is sold out (which bums me out) but you can still get your hands on Issue #2. This issue features MR GIF, Samer Fouad, Dan Rocca, LNY, Gina Marr, myself & more. I'm very honored to be asked to contribute to this project and to be featured with such talented artists. Check it out! Click HERE to get your copy.


Ladies Love Project - New York, NY

Spring Pop Up Shop featuring Toofly, GoodWood, Junkprints, and many more, including myself. My pictures are terrible, but if you visit Ladies Love Project on Facebook, you'll see much better images.


Still hard at work! Did you pick up one of my new t-shirts? Get them while they last! Since the nice weather is here, you should be seeing a lot more of me out and about. Of course selling the buttons and now the shirts. A lot of my other projects were just recycled posters from previous events. So not many new concepts to show yet. But no worries. Things are definitely not slowing down!

•  :: CD Insert :: CF : Storm Mode

•  :: Poster :: The Heart Gallery (March 2011)

•  :: Poster :: WBAI Dance Your A** Off Salsa/Funk Night

•  :: Poster :: Women of Words


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kings County General Store

125 Fifth Ave.
Park Slope, Brooklyn

What to expect:

Kings County General Store is a FREE bi-monthly market with local art, design, food, shops, vintage & more. Music by Mikey Palms & Friends from Chances With Wolves on East Village Radio.

Upcoming market dates:
March 6 & 27 w/ the 5th Ave Sidewalk Sale!
April 3 & 17
May 1 & 15 w/ the 5th Ave Street Fair!


KupiFlair Buttons & T-Shirts will be Available!



By popular demand! Fans of my work love the buttons, but have asked for a couple of my designs to be on t-shirts as well. Go to the store section and pick up your very own shirt!

These shirts are only a limited run. Some designs will be on back-order.

Please be patient.


Bombs (close up)

No Requests (Mens)

No Requests (Womens)


Illustration Pages features KupiArt

Lou from Illustration Pages contacted me and wanted to feature me on his website. I was totally honored! It's very rare someone outside of my urban art circle finds me. This was truly a treat! Read all about it here:
>>> READ MORE <<<

What is Illustration Pages?
Illustration Pages highlights the Facebook pages and online stores of visual artists from all around the globe.

Illustration Pages highlights you the artist. The purpose of this site is to bring more people to your Facebook pages, more visitors to your online stores and more attention to your art. Visit Illustration Pages regularly to see whose creativity is being showcased – you could be next.



Friday, March 25, 2011

Silent Knight & KON Mixtape Release Show

Public Assembly
70 N 6th St.
Brooklyn, NY

What to expect:

Emcees • Singers • Live DJ • and more...

>>> View Facebook Event Page <<<

KupiFlair Buttons & T-Shirts will be Available!



What a whirlwind of a month! I've been diligently working with Viper Records on their release & promotion for Mohammad Dangerfield and Da Circle. The albums were released February 22, and we had the album release show at SOB's in NYC last night. It was so much fun! I don't go out like I used to, but this was well worth it! Here's what else kept me busy:

•  :: iTunes Cover :: Hollywood Floss : One Fan At A Time

•  :: iTunes Cover :: Silent Knight + Audible Doctor : "Stayin' Busy"

•  :: iTunes Cover :: Pardon The Stranger : "A Place Between Us"

•  :: iTunes Cover :: Pardon The Stranger : "Cold Reply"

•  :: Poster :: Ras Shiloh

•  :: Poster :: Silent Knight + Kon Mixtape Release Show

•  :: Flyer :: Shanelle Gabriel

•  :: Business Card :: DJ Juice E

•  :: Business Card:: Luis "Northstar" Henrique Canyada


Hey there love birds! If you're curious about hip hop couples in the indie scene, check out this article by Victora Holt for BIO Magazine. Rugged N Raw and I are one of the couples featured. Enjoy! READ MORE.


So far, 2011 is getting off to a questionable start. I found out someone took a low resolution file of my from Rakim poster, and passed it off as their own for Wendy Day of Rap Coalition. She was gracious enough to contact me after realizing we were both chumped. The culprit has since vanished. Hopefully there's a silver lining to all this. In other news, here's what's also kept me busy this month:

•  :: Digipak :: Hasan Salaam + Rugged N Raw : Mohammad Dangerfield

•  :: Digipak :: Da Circle : 360ª Deal

•  :: iTunes Cover :: Mohammad Dangerfield "Hero Sandwich"

•  :: iTunes Cover :: Da Circle + Immortal Technique "Napalm"

•  :: iTunes Cover :: Pardon The Stranger : "Around the Corner"

•  :: iTunes Cover :: Pardon The Stranger : "That's Why"

•  :: Poster :: Hasan Salaam + Rugged N Raw : Mohammad Dangerfield

•  :: Flyer :: Mohammad Dangerfield + Da Circle Album Release Show

•  :: Flyer :: Refuge90ne (February 2011)

•  :: Flyer :: Refuge90ne (March 2011)

•  :: Logo :: Savvy Events By Sabater


New album from Mohammad Dangerfield now available on iTunes!
Download it Here

Purchase the Physical Copy Here



You will soon see the artwork I did for Hasan Salaam & Rugged N Raw's new album, Mohammad Dangerfield. And Da Circle's new album, 360º Deal. Both will be released on February 22nd, with an in-store performance at Black Star Video in Harlem. But the BIG show will be at SOB's on March 2nd. Hope you can join us in celebrating this momentous occasion! I can honestly say for the Mohammad Dangerfield album, it's been a long time coming. If you haven't downloaded their EP, $FREE.99, click here to download it for free.



It's finally here!

Click here for more info: mohammaddangerfield.com



Happy New Year (again)! I hope everyone had a great holiday season! It's not much yet, but here are some new works from last month (or last year) that I completed. To see more of what you missed click the dates at the top of the screen. Much more to come. Enjoy!

•  :: Logo :: The Cookie Press Blog

•  :: Ad Campaign :: 2010 GEW Artrepreneur’s Fair

•  :: Poster :: The Heart Gallery: Art & Music Event (November 2010)

•  :: Poster :: The Heart Gallery: Art & Music Event (December 2010)

•  :: Poster :: Mama's Bar NYC

•  :: CD Insert :: Poet Subtratum